Documenting Torture While Providing Legal Aid – A Handbook for Lawyers

Torture victims require specialized legal assistance and proper documentation of their stories. Yet, the nature of torture – and its effect on the victims – may make this difficult to do. This handbook is written for lawyers and human rights advocates of different backgrounds and experiences, who want to be better prepared for meeting victims of torture, whether in a civil or criminal proceedings.

The handbook aims to assist lawyers by offering ideas and suggestions — based on PCATI’s extensive field experience — of how to provide the best legal aid while attempting to promote accountability of perpetrators and justice for victims. Building on case studies and best practices, the handbook includes tips for preparing for prison visits, suggestions for conducting an interview with a victim of torture, follow-up actions, litigation and documentation.

Join thousands of lawyers and human rights defenders around the world in fighting against the use of torture.

Download Dignity and PCATI’s Handbook.