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On the killing of Iyad al-Hallaq, police violence and PCATI’s work to tackle it. An Autistic Man is Killed, Exposing Israel’s Festering Police Brutality Problem | David M. Halbfinger and Adam Rasgon | NY Times | December 2021


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The Istanbul Protocol in Israel: Summary of a Joint Seminar Day

This publication details the highlights of a symposium organized by PCATI and the Israeli Medical Association in February 2014. The publication explains the protocol, its implementation in legal settings and hospitals in Israel and abroad, and how it aids in the identification, documentation and provision of legal assistance to torture victims. Download the publication.

By the Rules – Executive Summary

This Executive Summary of By the Rules: Comparative Study on the Legal Framework of Torture in Turkey and Israel aims to present an analysis of the practice of torture and other forms of ill treatment in Turkey and in Israel. Analysis of both the similarities and differences between the two countries facilitated our understanding of

Professional Tours in Military Courts

What do the daily dealings of the military courts look like? How does their conduct differ from their Israeli counterparts? How do differences between the two legal systems contribute to torture practices? Jurists, educators, diplomats, journalists and other professionals attend military court sessions as part of a four-hour-long tour guided by PCATI’s lawyers, to see

Professional Training

We organize training and workshops for both physical and mental healthcare professionals, lawyers and jurists, as well as professionals from other fields looking into claims of torture or visiting in detainment and prison facilities. The content of each training varies according to the target audience and their specific requirements, and could include imparting applicable tools

Medico-Legal Documentation

Few and rare are the cases where torture victims and survivors have access to external evidence to support their claims. Medico-legal documentation aims to right this wrong, providing advocates and healthcare professionals an ethical basis and professional knowledge to document the torture or abuse claimed by complainants. PCATI is the only organization in Israel with


PCATI’s advocacy department raises awareness and promotes discussion of matters concerning to torture and state violence, in Israel and abroad. In Israel, we collaborate with Knesset Members, government officials and state ministries to promote legislation and support for bills that might reduce and prevent the use of torture, battling any motions that might increase the

Police Project

Our police project addresses issues of police violence on the legal front as well as on a systemic level. On the legal front, we dispense legal counsel and support for individuals who were harmed by acts of police violence, providing complainants with guidance and representation throughout the complaint process with Machash [Police Internal Investigation Department]

Legal Department

PCATI’s lawyers represent individuals who were subjected to violence by the hands of Israeli security forces, filing complaints with state authorities on their behalf, demanding that their cases be investigated and that perpetrators of such criminal offences be indicted. In addition to representation in individual cases, PCATI also petitions to the High Court of Justice